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Phoebe Zhang, professionally known as PhoebeZ is a Hong Kong-American dancer, artist, and singer. PZ started learning dance at the age of 4, started singing at the age of 8 and founded the musical trio G.P.S. The trio has since been disbanded as PZ continues on with her solo career as a dancer and artist.


In May of 2021, PhoebeZ joined her brother JustinZ, and co-wrote the cancer awareness song "Blossom" for the non-profit children's cancer organization, Super Joey Foundation. 



by JustinZ, PhoebeZ, Lakshmi Arya, Perry Ji

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tell me we're ok (covid-19 relief song)
tell me we're ok (covid-19 relief song)

by TRNBL & JustinZ | 5.14.2020

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